Art Testimonials

kind words from my lovely customers

"I've bought Lisa's artwork over the years because I love the sense of peace, otherworldliness, and magic that they convey and bring to my spaces."

Emily Cross

Cross Record & Loma

"We've been very happy to have Lisa's artwork in our home. This piece makes me think about love and connection, which is something I want people to feel when they come into our home."


Portland, OR

"I really like the way Lisa's artwork makes me feel. It jumps out and speaks to me. Her pieces make me feel rooted, intentional, and serene. They put imagery to certain feelings I've had before about the interconnectedness of things, people, and the universe." 


Chicago, IL

"I love the colors in this painting I got from Lisa and smile every time I see it. I feel the warmth, kindness, and tenderness of the bear. It adds color and personality to our home."


Osaka, JP

"Not everything is explainable. When you look at nature - a rose or a blue sky - you feel a certain way. You can't explain the magic of it. That same magic is what is in Lisa's art."


Santa Fe, NM

"It is so great to have Lisa's painting in our home. I really enjoy the flow and all the individual movements that are going on in this painting."


Los Angeles, CA

"I love Lisa's artwork. For me, this piece inspires a sense of freedom, spirituality, and meaning."


Portland, OR

"I really appreciate this piece of art because of the imagery contained within it. It makes me think of imagination and creativity, as well as nature and natural beauty. The stars in the center of the piece make me think of the cosmos and my place in the universe. Seeing this piece of art is a reminder of the things I want to cultivate in my own life."


Portland, OR